Drive-in Racking

Ideal For High-Density Pallet Storage

Are your pallets evenly packed & stored? Do you need to maximise space? Do you have high-volume? Then give us a call and let us explain why Drive-In racking systems are more and more popular. With unique self-centering rails, position pallets quickly, easily and safely. Works with conventional forklifts and perfect for maximising areas such as cool rooms.


  • Food & Beverage Facilities
  • Cold Storage Facilities
  • High Density Pallet Storage
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  • Food & Beverage Facilities
  • Cold Storage Facilities
  • High Density Pallet Storage
Drive-in Racking System Concept
Average Locations Used 70%
Immediate Accessibility 75%
Stock Rotation Average
Floor Utilisation 80%

Drive-in Racking: Options & Sizes

Case Study – How to store more toilet paper?

During the pandemic there was a run on toilet paper so we were asked to convert a warehouse currently using standard static racking to Drive-In racking so they could increase capacity.

What we needed to know?

To ensure the best result and maximum storage outcome we asked the client a number of questions.

We need to know the Pallet Size

With Drive-in Racking the pallets to be stored must be uniform in size. As all the pallets were uniform in size changing to a Drive-in system meant all the isles were removed and capacity increased by 40% whilst maintaining dispatching capabilities.

Top View
Front View
Side View

Optimise Pick & Pack

Drive-in is quick to load and unload.

Add Space

Tighter rows and packing pallet allows for greater storage

Maximise Storage Space

Increase storage density with multi-tiered and compact mezzanine configurations.

Quick Installation

Sturdy and freestanding. Easy to construct, disassemble and relocate within your warehouse.

Improve Productivity

Clever Drive-in designs can increase productivity and profits.

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