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prpu2500 1219
prpu2500 1219
prpu2500 1219

Pallet Racking Upright – PRPU900-1219

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$88.00 Inc GST


Pallet Racking Upright Frame 900mm x 1219mm


The Unirack Range of Pallet Racking is our latest and most popular range of racking. It was specifically designed & manufactured for us. In times where the market is flooded with low quality products and inconsistent racking, we made it our priority to deliver the service our customers need and offer premium quality as well as maintain consistent high standards for 20 years now. We invite you to take a look at our products and you will see the difference.

Uprights come in a standard galvanised or custom order painted finish and bring all the rigour and safety of AS4084 standard compliance.?Uprights are made with high strength 2mm thick steel,?ensuring they have maximum durability and structural robustness.

Weight 51 kg
Pallet Racking Height

900 mm