Gondola Shelving System

Excellent retail shelving option!

Gondola Shelving is a free standing shelving unit used primarily in the retail sector for the display of goods or alternatively fitted with plastic bins and used extremely effectively as parts storage in a workshop or warehouse environment.

Our Gondola Shelving System is powder-coated white as standard but can be customised to meet the needs of your retail store or business. Our Gondola Shelving is adjustable, very simple to install and available in a large range of sizes.

  • Single or Double Sided
  • Mesh or Metal Pegboard Back
  • Adjustable Feet
  • Three Heights & Depths
  • Two Bay Lengths
  • Metal Shelves


  • Allows retailers to display goods on shelves while maximising retail floor space
  • Flexible shelving option; easy to install, easy to re-arrange when change is needed
  • Visually pleasing and attractive storage solution
  • Keeps retail products tidy and easy for customers to find and access
Maximise your floor-space!
Gondola Shelving is a freestanding, flexible and attractive storage solution, which is particularly common in retail and shop-front environments.
Gondola Shelving System
Gondola Shelving System
Gondola Shelving Systemr
Gondola Shelving System

Gondola Shelving System: Backing Options & Sizes

Gondola Shelving is primarily used in retail stores for merchandise display. Gondola Shelving is easy to install in single or double sided applications and can create feature end units on centre aisles.

Gondola Shelving System
Gondola Shelving System

Optional Accessories

• Plastic Storage Containers
• Corner Shelves
• Sign & Display Holder
• Lockable Wheels
• Front Kick Plate
• Wire Baskets
• Peg Board Hooks
• Shelving Dividers

Gondola Shelving Sizes

Height Width Depth
1500 mm 900 mm 300 mm
1800 mm 1200 mm 375 mm
2100 mm 450 mm
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Optimise Pick & Pack

Increase small part storage capacity to increase pick and pack efficiency.

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Clear space underneath a mezzanine floor for better vehicle and pedestrian access.

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Maximise Storage Space

Increase storage density with multi-tiered and compact mezzanine configurations.

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Sturdy and freestanding. Easy to construct, disassemble and relocate within your warehouse.

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Clever mezzanine designs can increase productivity and profits.