We are asked whether we stock second hand racking all the time. And from time to time we will have some available. But we only buy from our own customers — that way we know that the racking meets the AS4084 standard; that it fits together well and can be checked by us for damage.

BUT, we don’t hold any other supplier brands — WHY?


Second Hand Is About 20-30% Cheaper

It’s understandable that second hand is attractive. You can certainly save some money. Second hand racking from a dealer is usually 20-30% cheaper than AS4084-Tested pallet racking.


But There Are Many Problems That Aren’t So Obvious.

• How do you know that all the components in your racking are rated to the same load capacity?
• What if the beams have a slightly different profile?
• What if the beams were not designed for the uprights?
• What if the racking has been in use for some time and damage has occurred that is not immediately obvious?

Result: You can’t be 100% confident that your inventory and your staff are protected. You wont know that the racking is safe. So, if you are buying second hand racking, please keep these things in mind.

If you have any questions or would like to argue the point, please get in contact.