Pallet Racking installation sounds like one of those things that you will need to get someone in to do but if you follow some basic rules it is actually quite easy.

Pallet Racking Installation

IMPORTANT: Please note in some states Pallet Racking must be installed by a qualified person.

Safety Information

  • Two people are required for safe assembly
  • Install shelving on a level and secure surface. Avoid soft surfaces like asphalt or tarmac.
  • We recommend the use of floors fixings in commercial installations
  • For maximum load per shelf please refer to your invoice
  • Never climb on shelving

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Pallet Racking Installation Steps

  1. Measure an even distance from two points on the wall and mark the floor. Run a chalk line between the marks and flick the line.
    Note: As a pallet will extend out the back of the racking a minimum of 300mm from the wall is recommended.
  2. Stand an upright by having one person secure the base or up against wall and lock a beam in at the lowest point.
    Note: Reason for placing beam at the lowest point is so the other end of the beam is on the ground making it safe while getting the other upright.
  3. Stand the next upright and lock it into place by securing it to the beam again at the lowest point.
  4. Add the other lower beam to the other side of the upright therefore ending up with two uprights and two beams.
  5. Add another two beams to the right of the upright again on the lowest level. Then safely stand another upright and attach to the beams, as per Step 3 & 4. This can be continued until the run is complete.
  6. Then, once the bay and all the additional bays are in place ensure all the uprights are on the chalk line. Then check that the uprights are level vertically and the beams are level horizontally. Also check the bay is square by ensuring the lengths of the diagonals are identical.
  7. Then fit all the upper beams at their desired height and finally raise or remove the lowest beam. Ensure that the safety clips are fitted as you go.
  8. Then drill a hole using the impact drill and secure the racking to the ground using two Dynabolts per upright. Finally, place the Load rating sign on the upright at the end of the row.