There is a lot of confusing information about pallet racking. Don’t be confused. Here’s a guide to what you need to know when planning your space.

Pallet Racking Bay Components

There are three major components to racking: the beams, the uprights and the bays.

The beams are the orange horizontal bars. They can lock into any height along the upright. Just lock each level in at whatever height you want. Each beam has four hooks & 2 safety connectors which provide a strong additional lock to the uprights. The standard beams have a clear entry of 2591mm long to easily accommodate 2 pallets and are rated to carry 2082kg per level.

The uprights are the blue vertical frames with strong braces. Typical heights for these frames are 2.4m, 3.6m, 4.2m, 4.8m. Each upright has 2 feet secured with bolts. They have two rows of holes down the outer edge. This is where the beams are connected. The two rows means an upright can have beams connected on both sides and share the same upright. So, the uprights can be linked and customised for each application.

The bays simply refers to how many connected sections you have. For example, 1 bay has two uprights; 2 bays have 3 uprights; 3 bays have 4 uprights etc etc etc.

Example: Let’s take an example and work through a quote:You have 8 metres of wall, 5 metre ceilings and a forklift…

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  • How Many Bays? You have approximately 8.2 metres of space. Divide this by 2.7 metres gives you an answer 3.03. This means you have enough space for 3 bays. This will require 4 uprights as the two middle ones will be shared.
  • How High? If you have about 5 metres of available roof height and a means of getting up that high (stacker, forklift, stairs) then, the 4.2 metre uprights would be suitable, if not the 2.4 metres would be more appropriate.
  • How Many Levels (Beams)?
    Most warehouse would not require beams at the base of the upright. You just place the pallets directly on the floor. So most of the time you would have 2 or 3 levels i.e 4 or 6 beams per bay….COST: Look up our price tables and you’ll find.4 x 3658mm Uprights @ $135.00 = $540.0012 x 2591mm Beams @ $45.00 = $540.00Total Cost $1,080.00 inc GST(Delivery & Installation available as required).