Installing Pallet Racking - A Short Guide


Pallet Racking installation sounds like one of those things that you will need to get someone in to do but if you follow some basic rules it is actually quite easy. Below is a Step-by-Step guide.

First of all you will need to get together some Tools you may need.
We would recommend the following:
a. Tape Measure
b. Chalk String Line
c. Hammer Drill
d. Adjustable Spanner

Step One The first and most important thing to do is measure and mark out correctly. To mark the floor out you will need your chalk string line. Measure the distance back from the wall where you want the rear beam to be (take into consideration the pallet size and any beams you may have against the wall) As a general rule if you are using standard 1200 by 1200 pallets mark the distance at 400mm off the wall. Mark the floor in a few sections and then with your chalk string line, create a line the length of the racking you require. Step Two Now that you have the line you want the back of your pallet racking to be on its time to work out where your first upright frame is going to be. Place the upright on the line and mark 2 spot where you're going to fix the base plate with dyna bolts. It's easiest to have your first bay assembled and just move it in and out of place. Drill into your concrete floor using a heavy duty hammer drill and make sure you get the hole deeper than the length of the dyna bolt. Place your first bay in place and tighten the dyna bolts to secure the frame. This first bay is by far the most important bay to install and I can not stress the importance of double checking all of your measurements. Step Three With the second bay all you need to do is attach the beams and frame to your first bay. Make sure you have it level with your string line and mark where your next 2 dyna bolts are going to be. You will then need to move the end frame away from the marks you have made for the dyna bolts and drill the new holes. Remember to make sure your hole is drilled deeper than the length of the dyna bolt or it will not tighten down correctly on the base plate. Now that you have your holes drilled you can move the frame back into place and secure the dyna bolts. You repeat this second stage until you have installed the number of bays you require. Now that your frames are in place it is just a simple process of setting your beams to the level you require. Good pallet racking will be supplied with safety locking pins to lock the beams in place. If you have double checked all of your measurement before you started installing you should now be able to stand back and admire your installation.

If you need any further information just give us a call. If it all sounds too hard, we can install your racking for you.