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Structural Mezzanine System

  • Staircases or Access Ladders
  • Pallet Loading Gates (Flip Over or Swing)
  • Fall Prevention Mesh
  • Multiple Shelving Options

Structural mezzanine floors are a heavy-duty solution constructed from structural steel posts and beams. Custom made to suit your specific requirements this system will take large load capacities. Unlike racking supported mezzanines, structural steel mezzanines offer wider column spans and therefore can provide better underneath access.

These Mezzanine floors are often used for office and retail use or can be built over existing work and storage areas.

Floors are typically designed to 2kpa (200kg/m2), 3kpa (300kg/m2) to 5kpa (500kg per m2) live load capacities.

Unirack’s structural mezzanine is fully compliant with all relevant Australian Standards and the Building Codes of Australia.