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Racking Mezzanine Floor System

Mezzanine Options
  • Staircases or Access Ladders
  • Pallet Loading Gates (Flip Over or Swing)
  • Fall Prevention Mesh
  • Multiple Shelving Options

Assembled using standard pallet racking components, pallet racking frames and beams are combined to construct medium to heavy-duty structures. The floor is placed either on top of or in between pallet racking bays. The floor is made up of beams that hook directly into the racking uprights and are secured with locking pins.

Racking based mezzanines are free-standing and do not rely on any part of your existing building for support and can be easily relocated, extended or reconfigured if required.

Rack-based mezzanines can be multi-tiered, doubling or tripling the available surface area and can be complemented with a variety of shelving systems. Freestanding shelves can be easily installed between upright frames.