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Don’t settle for flimsy storage. Our industrial warehouse shelving in Perth is built to withstand heavy-duty use. Maximise space, minimise downtime, and upgrade your operations with shelving that’s as tough as your business.

Our Industrial Warehouse Systems Perth

longspan shelving longspan shelving longspan shelving (2)
boltless shelving boltless shelving 1524mm high x 900mm wide x 300mm deep – 4 levels boltless shelving 1524mm high x 900mm wide x 400mm deep – 4 levels boltless shelving 1524mm high x 1200mm wide x 300mm deep – 4 levels
pallet racking (2) pallet racking
cantilever racking outdoor
mezzanine mezzanine floor racking mezzanine floors (2)

Selecting the Right Industrial Warehouse Shelving for Your Needs

Choosing industrial shelving shouldn’t be a headache. At Unirack, we transform storage challenges into streamlined solutions. Our goal is to maximise your space and workflow efficiency. Ready to explore what’s possible? Find out which shelving suits your needs.

Store Small Parts of a Light Weight

Longspan Shelving is the ideal choice to store light, small parts that you want within easy reach. It’s quick to assemble, modular enough to change up as you need, and light enough to move around without a hassle.

Boltless Shelving is an excellent choice for super light items like cardboard cartons. This shelving is flexible and lightweight, but robust enough to be a stable choice.

Store Sizable Items, or Hold Many Items at Once

Industrial Pallet Racking is a great option for large parts or a lot of parts. It can handle heavy loads and is easy to access with a forklift so you can grab what you need when you need it.

Safely Store Long, Thin Items

Cantilever Shelving has an open design that allows for easy loading and unloading of items like lumber or sheet metal. It’s convenient and simple to access.

Access Heavy-Duty Shelving Fast

Drive-In Racking allows you to store a lot of items in a compact way. It’s compatible with forklifts, which makes it surprisingly easy to access your goods.

Use Vertical Space for Storage

Mezzanine Flooring adds a second floor to your space for storage. It’s best for lightweight items, but it makes excellent use of vertical space to increase your available space.

Standard Industrial Shelving Sizes in Australia

There’s no single standard size for industrial shelving in Australia. But, there are common dimensions based on the standard Australian pallet size (1165mm x 1165mm). Here’s a breakdown of how to size shelving.

  • Frame Height: This varies widely. The right height for you depends on your ceiling height and what kinds of items you’ll be storing.
  • Frame Depth: Usually 840mm to fit standard pallets. However, it can be customised to fit larger pallet sizes.
  • Beam Length: Usually customised to the width of your specific pallets, including some extra clearance for loading and unloading.

Are There Regulations or Standards for Industrial Warehouse Shelving in Perth?

AS/NZS 1170:
Structural Design Actions

Provides guidelines for calculating the maximum load a shelving structure can withstand.

AS 4084:
Steel Storage Racking

Comprehensive safety guidelines for steel pallet racks.

Safe Work Australia
Codes of Practice:

Best practices for managing warehouse shelving risks.

Our products are more than just shelves – they’re solutions. Our industrial warehouse shelving Perth features something for every need. Contact us for a free quote and start maximising your space today.


What’s the Difference Between Racking and Shelving?

Shelving and racking offer distinct storage solutions. Shelving caters to lighter, easy-to-reach-by-hand items in various settings like retail, offices, and homes. Racking is designed for warehouses and distribution centres and handles heavier, palletised goods that require forklifts. These robust racks are often bolted to the floor for maximum stability.

Should You Buy Used or New Shelving?

When choosing between new and used shelving, weigh your budget against your needs for safety, appearance, and customisation. If budget is your absolute priority, and you're able to locate used shelving in excellent condition, buying used is a reasonable choice. But if safety, structurally sound shelving, customisation, and a polished look are paramount, then new shelving is the wiser investment. Regardless, always thoroughly inspect used shelving and verify that both new and used options can safely handle the weight of your intended storage.

Tired of warehouse chaos? Let Unirack help you find the perfect shelving solution for ultimate organisation. Browse our industrial warehouse shelving in Perth, or get a free quote and expert advice today.

Looking for more industrial shelving solutions near you? We deliver and install shelving in Melbourne, Perth, and across Australia.

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