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Tired of weak shelving? Upgrade your warehouse with our top-quality industrial warehouse shelving in Melbourne. We offer robust shelving built to last, along with expert advice and installation to ensure your business success.

Industrial Warehouse Shelving Systems We Offer

longspan shelving longspan shelving longspan shelving (2)
boltless shelving boltless shelving 1524mm high x 900mm wide x 300mm deep – 4 levels boltless shelving 1524mm high x 900mm wide x 400mm deep – 4 levels boltless shelving 1524mm high x 1200mm wide x 300mm deep – 4 levels
pallet racking (2) pallet racking
cantilever racking outdoor
mezzanine mezzanine floor racking mezzanine floors (2)

How to Choose the Best Industrial Warehouse Shelving Melbourne

Maximise your warehouse efficiency with the best industrial shelving! It’s not just about storing your goods, but optimising how you access them. At Unirack, we offer shelving solutions to fit your unique business needs. Let’s explore the best options for you.

Storing Small, Light Parts?

If you want your small items prominently displayed, Longspan Shelving is ideal. Not only is it light enough to assemble fast, but it’s also flexible enough to change up as often as you need.

For very light items like empty cartons or cardboard parts, Boltless Shelving is perfect. It’s made for light loads, but don’t let that fool you – it’s surprisingly robust.

Large Items or High Volumes?

For sizable parts or high volumes of smaller items, Pallet Racking is your best bet. It’s capable of handling heavy loads with ease, and it’s forklift-compatible for easy access.

Long or Bulky Items?

Long, awkward items like sheet metal or lumber fit perfectly on our Cantilever Shelving. It features a quick-access open design for stress-free loading and unloading.

Need Forklift Access?

Drive-In Racking is an excellent way to maximise your storage space while still making it easy to grab what you need. Forklifts can come and go directly into the rack, which makes loading and unloading an absolute breeze.

Want to Maximise Your Vertical Space?

If you’ve got a high ceiling, Mezzanine Flooring could be your best space-saver. It’s like adding a whole new floor, but it’s definitely better for smaller, lighter items

What Are the Standard Sizes of Industrial Shelves?

While there’s no specific “standard” size for industrial shelving in Australia, there are common dimensions guided by the standard Australian pallet size (1165 mm x 1165 mm). Here’s what you need to know about the size of industrial warehouse shelving:

  • Frame Depth is typically 840 mm to accommodate standard pallets, but it can be customised for larger pallet sizes.
  • Frame Height varies widely to maximise warehouse space. It depends on your ceiling height and the items you’ll store.
  • Beam Length is usually tailored to the width of your pallets, plus some clearance for loading and unloading.

Always confirm the weight capacity of the shelving matches your storage needs alongside the dimensions.

What Are the Local Regulations and Standards for Industrial Warehouse Shelving in Melbourne?

  • AS/NZS 1170 – Structural Design Actions dictate load calculations for shelving structures.
  • AS 4084 – Steel Storage Racking prescribes specific design and safety guidelines for steel pallet racking systems.
  • Safe Work Australia Codes of Practice provide practical guidance on managing risks associated with warehouse shelving.

We don’t just sell shelves – we sell solutions. Our industrial warehouse shelving Melbourne is versatile enough to meet all needs. Get in touch for a free quote and let’s work together to maximise your storage potential.


What’s the Difference Between Shelving and Racking?

Shelving is for lighter, more accessible storage, whereas racking is for heavier, bulkier items in industrial settings. Shelving units are often freestanding and stack items so that they’re easily accessible by hand. This storage system is often used in retail, offices, and homes. On the other hand, racking is designed for heavier loads and often palletised goods. It requires forklifts or other equipment for access, and is primarily used for warehouse storage and distribution centres. These heavy-duty racks are usually bolted to the floor for increased stability.

Should You Buy New vs. Used Shelving?

When deciding between new and used shelving, consider your budget, safety concerns, aesthetic preferences, and customisation needs. Used shelving is often cheaper, but new shelving guarantees structural integrity, and may offer updated safety features as well as better resale value.

If safety, customisation, and appearance matter most, new shelving is a worthwhile investment. Whatever your choice, always meticulously inspect used shelving and make sure both new and used options meet the weight requirements for whatever you’re planning to store.

We’re here to help you find your perfect shelving solution, because life’s better when there’s order in your warehouse. Explore our industrial warehouse shelving in Melbourne, or get in touch for a free quote and advice.

Looking for more industrial shelving solutions near you? We deliver and install shelving in Melbourne, Perth, and across Australia.

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