Commercial Shelving

Your business is only as good as its storage system. Streamline your operations with our built-to-last, easy-access commercial shelving, designed to fit seamlessly into your environment and withstand whatever comes.

Benefits of Commercial Shelving Options

highly durable

Highly Durable

Built with steel or industrial-grade plastic to withstand heavy loads and frequent use

extremely modular

Extremely Modular

Designed with adjustable shelves and the ability to add on units, providing flexibility to adapt to changing storage needs

variety of types

Variety of Types

Commercial shelving comes in various forms to suit different applications

Commercial Shelving Applications

You probably see commercial shelving every day without even knowing it. Here’s where this heavy-duty racking is used:

  • Retail Stores: To display and stock merchandise
  • Food Services: In kitchens/pantries for storing food, dishes, and supplies
  • Warehouse Shelves: For organising and storing inventory
  • Industrial Shelving Units: To hold parts, tools, and equipment

Different Types of Commercial Shelving

Each type of racking and shelves has its advantages. Choose wisely based on your particular requirements and situation.

pallet racking (2) pallet racking

Excellent for heavy warehouse storage

Works seamlessly with forklifts for quick access

cantilever racking outdoor

Designed for long, heavy items in warehouses and industrial settings

Can be an open-faced, single or double-sided system

longspan shelving longspan shelving longspan shelving (2)

Versatile enough for warehouses, stockrooms, workshops, garages, etc.

Scalable enough to grow with you as your stock increases

pallet racking wire deck 1 tonne gal 1250mmx1220mm pallet racking wire deck 1 tonne gal 1250mmx1220mm

Suitable for a wide variety of light-load applications

Open design makes it easy to see what’s on the shelf

longspan shelving longspan shelving

Great for lighter loads in retail stores, kitchens, offices, etc.

Simple, tool-free assembly and customisation

boltless shelving boltless shelving 1524mm high x 900mm wide x 300mm deep – 4 levels boltless shelving 1524mm high x 900mm wide x 400mm deep – 4 levels boltless shelving 1524mm high x 1200mm wide x 300mm deep – 4 levels

Popular choice for warehouses, workshops, garages, and even homes

Convenient, functional, easy assembly without nuts, bolts, or screws

Not sure how to lay out your commercial shelving for streamlined use? We offer a 24-hour Custom Storage Plan for FREE, created by one of our experts. Get your storage set up right from the start.

Why Buy from Unirack?

Premium Quality Shelf Racking


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Excellent Value for Money


FREE Storage Plan


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Let’s simplify your storage! We’ll work with you to design the perfect shelving system for your space, from warehouse to workshop to rec room. Browse our commercial shelving now, or reach out to get a free quote and expert advice on storage across Australia.

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