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'Our aim is to provide the best storage solution - in a friendly manner - with quality products - at reasonable prices.' Dan | Unirack Owner

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Unirack helps you find the storage solutions you need to support your organisation, your business and your life.

It doesn’t matter to us whether you’re a multinational miner or a local mechanic. You could be a retail giant, a boutique store owner or a mum with a messy garden shed. If you have a storage problem – we’re here to help you fix it.

Our customers have been raving about our safe, reliable and high-quality products – plus our wildly competitive prices – for years. But if you read our Google reviews… You’ll see they also rave about our people. A lot!

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Not passionate about storage?
Don’t worry – neither are we!

It’s true our friendly team members around Australia know more about storage than the average bear. It’s also true that none of us are passionate about it. And that’s a good thing because…

Well – to be honest – we’re not sure passion and pallet racking are a great mix. But the main reason is, at Unirack, we understand that finding the right storage solution usually supports a bigger goal, like:

  • maximising your storage potential and reducing your storage costs
  • increasing your sales – and your profitability
  • making your business as safe and efficient as possible
  • creating a more comfortable, organised work or hobby space
  • delighting your customers

So, while we’ve been the store more store since 2005 – we don’t drone on about storage… We do ask you a lot of questions. And listen really, really hard while you tell us what you know – and what you need to know.

Then we do our absolute best to find you a storage solution for your specific goals, space and budget.

God, I wish that kind of help was available when I needed commercial storage for the first time. But that’s kind of the point of our story…

Hit a storage snag?
That’s exactly how we got started…

“Honestly, the last thing on my mind in 2003 was to start ANOTHER business. My brother-in-law and I were chasing our tails, running a fast-growing commercial kitchen fixtures business.

Our idea – delight (and de-stress) our customers by guaranteeing high levels of stock availability. The only snag – we didn’t have an efficient warehouse system set up yet…

We knew what we wanted to store and where. But – like anyone new to commercial storage – we had a few gaps in our knowledge.

What we really needed was someone to listen to us, plug those knowledge gaps and point us towards the right storage solution.

What we got was salespeople who talked more than they listened. They bombarded us with technical details and treated us like idiots…

God they were irritating.

After our eyes glazed over and we walked away for the final time, we realised… This wasn’t rocket science. We had some great contacts overseas. Why not import the storage system we needed ourselves? So that’s what we did.

Once we started using our new warehouse storage system – other people asked us to get it for them too… I couldn’t help myself – I launched a new business. In 2005, Unirack started with a few simple goals. Maximise storage. Deliver quality. And focus on people.”

Dan Holthouse | Unirack Owner

A storage business built around people

That frustrating experience as a storage system customer… It provided a sort of back-to-front blueprint for how to shape the new business.

We paired high-quality products with fair prices. Then built a team of brilliant listeners who delivered a brilliant customer experience. As we fanned out across Australia, our happy customers kept talking about us – and to us.

So, when you come to Unirack for a storage solution, there are a few things you can rely on:

  • We will listen to you before we jump in with a storage solution
  • You won’t find us pointing to itsy-bitsy contract details to avoid our obligations – our relationship with you matters more
  • You will be given realistic expectations by our friendly, honest and respectful team… From stock levels and installation times to delivery options and shipping costs
  • You won’t catch us price gouging – we want our prices to astound you
  • You will get a quick response to quote requests – you can even use our FREE 24-hour design service
  • We won’t offer you shoddy products – safety and quality always come first

100% Australian owned and operated

Unirack is proudly Australian owned and operated. You’ll find our people and our branches strategically placed across the country in NSW, WA, QLD and VIC. Plus, you can order from us online too.

From day one, we’ve collaborated with a team of engineers, product designers and diligent manufacturing peeps in Shanghai and Malaysia. They’ve solved just about every logistical and engineering problem we’ve had. We trust them like family.

That’s us in a nutshell. So, whether you need pallet racking or Longspan Shelving, manual handling and safety support, or our free 24-hour design service, we’re here to help you make the most of your storage space with minimum cost and bother. Get in touch today.

Dan Holthouse | Unirack Owner
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