About Us


Unirack’s unwavering goal is to provide safe, high-quality warehouse storage -- in a friendly manner -- at insanely great prices -- same day if necessary.

We started small in 2005 and fanned out across the country very quickly. That doesn't happen if you aren't delighting your customer base! We intend to grow and grow and grow.

We are 100% Australian owned and operated. We have 3 directors placed strategically around the country making sure our customers are delighted with the service and price our team deliver.

It doesn't matter if you are a big multinational or fitting out a small garage. We will treat you courteously and professionally, and at prices that will hopefully astound.

Our Shanghai team includes 18 engineers, 4 product designers and hundreds of diligent manufacturing dudes. They have been partnered with us for 100% of the time we have been in business -- and they know their stuff. Together we can solve almost any logistical or engineering problem. We trust them like family.

Here's what we wont do: we will not price gouge -- we will not compromise our safety standards with shoddy products -- we wont point to itsy-bitsy contract details to try to avoid any obligations we have to you -- we wont take ages to quote -- we wont promise an installation time that is unrealistic -- we wont say we have something in stock when we don't -- we will be forthright in our opinions but we wont be dishonest.

So, now you know us, it would be a privilege to know you too. Let's do some business together.


Dan Holthouse
Owner, Unirack